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Deniz Travel, makes your holiday dreams come true!
The company Deniz Travel - devised by Amanda Gameren - set sail back in 2003, and from that very first launch up to the present day have always specialized in small but impeccably passionate tours. From the offset we decided our focus would be on the unique but lesser known side of Turkey; that which is hidden away from the usual boat circuits and mass tourism. Now that we’re in our eleventh year, our tours provide a discerning palate of luxury travel; from our specialist Blue Cruises, to our Sailing Excursions and special renewal options.
The heart of the travel we offer can be found aboard the luxury ship "Sea Angel 2’, which is owned and well-loved by Deniz Travel on our 8-day Blue Cruises. We also offer a comprehensive selection of vessels that can be hired individually by your company; each featuring a range of options for weekly extensions if you wish to augment your stay. All ships and accommodations ashore are carefully selected by us and the trips offered are designed to give you a unique opportunity to get to know The Real Turkey.
Deniz Travel can also, if desired, create a completely customized trip for you and your company. Both before and during your vacation… Personal attention at Deniz Travel is always paramount.
Feel free to contact us by phone or via the website to put you in direct contact with Dutch owner Amanda. On arrival in Turkey, Amanda will be there to welcome you and provide you with all the information you should need during your stay. Most excursions are planned around and guided by you, so just speak to Amanda and she will ensure that the tour caters to your holiday endeavours.
A little more about Amanda:
In 2003, Amanda Gameren (39), gave up her job as a project manager at Euro-Sport Ring, took the plunge and made the once-in-a-lifetime decision to exchange the Netherlands for Turkey in order to start the business she had always dreamed of. From that year on Deniz Travel was born, and has been going strong ever since. Amanda soon realized that the experience she had picked up in her previous job would come in handy, and she now deals predominantly with the preparations and organization of the various tours. Most of all Amanda is your main contact during your stay. Other Staff includes the various Crew, who are there to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday.

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