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The beautiful country of Turkey is well-known and loved across the world as a sunny destination that draws the crowds with its all-inclusive hotels and endless attractions. But there is side to this welcoming country that passes many visitors by when restricted to the all-inclusive route; a side that we here at Deniz Travel would like to acquaint you with. Secluded coves and beaches, traditional villages unsullied by modern life, fascinating landscapes with nature stretching as far as the eye can see, unrivalled flora and fauna, delicious cuisine and a thoroughly rich culture. Turkey has it all.
During your stay, why not indulge in the choice between an 8 and 15 day Blue Cruise along the Southern Turquoise coast and Greek Islands. Our motto is 'Nothing to be done, anything goes', so just sit back and relax while our crew take care of everything for you. The Blue Cruise offers a delightful combination of good food, swimming in or simply enjoying the quiet, relaxing views of the aptly named turquoise Aegean and stimulating excursions ashore.
For those who prefer to take a more active role in the sailing experience, but prefer not to invest in a vessel of their own, we offer our Hands-On Sailing excursions. After a consultation with your group and the skipper of our 14.5-metre sailing vessel ‘Louise’, we can build a weekly programme before casting you off on your sailing adventure to discover the beautiful coast.
If you would like to combine a Blue Cruise or Sailing Excursion with a stay on the Turkish mainland, we can also book you into a wide selection of charming hotels and some fly-drive holidays.
Please feel free to explore this site and have a look at all we have to offer.

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